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Content analysis, inventory, and audit features

Crawl your site

The first step to auditing your content is to crawl your sites. Adding sites is quick and easy, just enter your URL and give your site a name. Content Auditor will crawl your site and send you an email when it's done.


The report page gives you an overview of all the pages in the current scope. By default it's set to report on all the pages we found when crawling your site, but you can also generate a report for any group of pages.


The inventory is the most feature-rich part of Content Auditor. Most of the work you do on your data will happen in the inventory. Following is an overview of the various parts of the inventory and how they work.

Groups and scope

Groups are collections of pages. The scope allows you to focus in on any one group. Together these two features give you a lot of control over how you work with your data.

Data export

There are two places you can export and download your data: the sites list and the inventory page. Export from the site list for quick access, or from the inventory for fine control.